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http://thehomedecorideas.com/Hey everyone, I am Sangeeta, a woman, a daughter, a wife and most importantly a mommy. Being a mom is significantly a great feeling in itself and the bonding between a mom and child is undoubtedly the strongest relationship and love every moment of motherhood. Apart from my primary individuality, I have done master’s in business administration and at present I am here to go with my passion as an interior design blogger.

The objective of creating thehomedecorandideas.com is to providing a vision about the decorating ideas for designing home, garden and office with furniture and added with appropriate accessories. Designing was always my hobby and I was continually looking for a platform where I can do honesty with my zeal. I adore designing the places that are going to reflect the personality, sense of aesthetics, and taste who lives there. I personally believe that it is really tough to change the dreams of designing into reality.

Each time, colors play an essential means of design in decoration which is the art of creating and organizing thoughts together to create a classy and elegant plan on the structural design of the place. Colors can make the place feeling of either lively or peaceful of looks either comfy and relaxing or striking and powerful. Different color patterns can make a place look bigger or smaller.  I am continuously playing with the color schemes of furniture and its surrounding to understand the proper use of colors in different environment to get the perfect color combinations as the end product.

According to me, selecting the right furniture for your home or office is going to enhance classiness and sophistication to your decoration. At the same time, you also have to think about durability and cost efficiency. In thehomedecorandideas.com, I am going to provide you with the best and top rated furniture with my ratings and reviews.

If you ever have any query in your mind or if you need any sort of assistance about anything talked about here, I would love to give support about it. I would be happier to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with the new ideas and thoughts that I come across that I know will catch your eye.

I also invite all that if you find any topic relevant or significant here on the site, then, be a part of discussion through e-mail(s) or comment(s). I will appreciate your initiative and admire your opinion.
I wish all the readers here to go with the perfect design ideas to do justification with the colors and patterns of furniture, accessories and surrounding to get a poised and tranquil haven.

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